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A predominantly technical organization, UNO MINDA is poised for exponential growth. All structured through advanced development tools and support systems. The stringent tests, system driven processes and development capabilities, driven by the principles of Quality Circles, Kaizen and 5S certifications catalyze the design and development verticals.

Reckoned a leading associate of Auto Majors around the globe, the NK MINDA Group, elicits confidence and professional accountability from its business associates and technology partners. The all encompassing mantra of reliable, safe, pioneering, efficient, and environmentally sustainable product line ensures UNO MINDA an edge in the Auto Hub manufacturing dynamics. UNO MINDA has 37 manufacturing plants in India, Indonesia,Vietnam& Spain, design centers in Taiwan and Japan, sales offices in USA, Europe and Vietnam. It also has a strategic sourcing office in China. With the human edge of a highly motivated workforce of 8500 team members the Group is headquartered in Manesar, Haryana, India. We have engineering, research and development centers in Manesar, Pune & Sonepat.

The UNO MINDA strategic alignment ensures the maintenance of leadership in providing the ideal product support for their customers. Drawing on the benefits of this long-term customer support relation, UNO MINDA forges ahead. As a Tier-1 supplier, we manufacture 2 Wheeler Switches and Handle Bar Assemblies, Electronics & Sensors, 4 Wheeler Switches and Heater Control Panels, Cigar Lighters, Automotive Lamps, Automotive Horns, Alternate Fuel Systems and CNG-LPG Kits, Automotive Batteries, Blow Molding Components, Seat Belts, Alloy Wheels, Wheel Covers, Air Filtration Systems, Die Casting Components, SRC, Cylinders, Steering Wheels, Airbags, Fuel Caps, Body Sealing, Car Infotainment Systems, Air Brakes, Clutch Actuation Systems and Automatic Gear Shifters for OEMs Technology and innovation are two key pillars of MINDA philosophy. Our underlying vision is to create a culture that fosters great ideas that can be the basis for planning ingenious products, successfully manufactured to deliver value to our customers.

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Nurtured Partnership And Association

Key Personnel and Management Team

Major Achievements

  • Commissioned a state-of-the-art 204 kW grid-connected solar power plant at an Industrial Rooftop, Manesar
  • Successfully executed as EPC contractor a 50 kW Grid connected Rooftop solar power plants for Indian Oil Corporation Limited (IOCL), Mathura Refinery, Uttar Pradesh
  • Grid-connected 20 kW rooftop solar power plant for M/s Shankar Moulding, Gurgaon
  • More than 15000 nos. of Solar Street Lighting Systems designed, supplied, installed & commissioned across India
  • More than 25,000 nos. of Solar Home Lighting Systems designed, supplied, installed & commissioned across India
  • More than 1,00,000 nos. of Solar Lanterns designed and supplied across rural India
  • Electrified villages through solar mini/micro grid projects across Uttar Pradesh, Jharkhand, Bihar, Odisha and Kerala

Solar EPC

MNGTL provides turnkey EPC services for complete design and engineering of solar power plants, sourcing quality products from leading equipment manufacturers across the globe.And follow qualitative approach for installation, testing, commissioning from our experienced professional team.

  • Engineering

    Complete Design and Engineering of solar power plant

  • Procurement

    Sourcing of best quality plant components ( PV modules, inverters, Balance of System) across globe

  • Construction and O&M

    Installation, testing, commissioning and O&M through well experienced project team


Utility-Scale (MW)

These are MW scale solar power plants which pump power directly into the grid. The power is purchase either by a state utility or a private customer. Proper plant design and engineering are necessary to get the mandatory generation of units from the power plant. MNGTL through its highly experienced team provides quality services from concept to commissioning of the solar power plant.

MNGTL offers the following key services to its clients:-

  • Site survey
  • Feasibility studies, Energy yield assessment, preparation of DPR
  • Design and Engineering of solar power plant
  • Selection and Sourcing of Modules, Inverters and BoS from quality suppliers
  • Installation, testing and commissioning of the solar power plant

Solar Mini/Micro Grids

Minda NexGenTech Ltd. is adopting an innovative approach to combine Energy Access in rural areas with Sustainable Rural Development. The money thus collected can be utilized as part of a Revenue Generation/Entrepreneurship Model, or a Social Development Model.

Under the Revenue Generation/Entrepreneurship Model, a local entrepreneur can invest in the Power Plant and provide electricity and related services to the village households. The revenue collected would be used to pay for the upkeep and maintenance of the Power Plant, EMIs for any loan that may have been taken for the purpose, and to generate a return on the investment made by the entrepreneur.

Under the Social Development Model, revenue collected can be used partly to pay for the maintenance and upkeep of the Power Plant, and the remaining money can be used for Village Development and/or to facilitate Village level activities that will generate employment and provide avenues for improving the income levels and for the economic development of the village.

The objective of Minda NexGenTech Ltd. is to develop a model that is sustainable and scalable, and which can be replicated quickly across a large number of villages.

Solar Products

  • Design and Manufacturing

    In-house R&D , Engineering and assembly of Solar products

  • Supply and Distribution

    Supply and distribution of integrated Solar Products at site

  • Installation & Commissioning

    Installation, testing and commissioning of Solar products

  • After sales service

    Strong nation wide network for after sales service

  • Solar Home Lighting Systems

    The Solar Home Lighting System is a pre-packaged control unit designed for lighting rural/semi-urban homes and shops, it is also ideal for camps and expedition). Solar home lighting systems are ideal sources for providing indoor illumination in remote areas and un-electrified villages. Light produced is bright enough for domestic as well as commercial applications.

    Features & Benefits of Solar Home Lighting System

    • Charging through Solar Panel
    • No need of electricity.
    • Long lasting LEDs for increased life and superior comfort.
    • Easy to install, Ergonomic and flexible Design.
    • High efficiency 10Wp Solar panel.
    • LEDs have Life more than 50,000 Hours.
    • 2 USB socket will help in charging Mobiles/Laptops (Multiple Pins provided).
    • One Full day charging will give about 12 Hours of Lighting and 2 Mobile charging.
    • 3 LED indicator lights show battery level while working.
    • They last for a long time and require little maintenance once installed
    • Environment friendly
  • Solar Street Lighting Systems

    The Solar Street Lighting systems exhibit unique features like high operational life, cost effective, environmental friendly and low maintenance.

    White Light Emitting Diode

    Features & Benefits of Solar Street Lighting Systems

    • Low-cost installation/instant practical use.
    • Ultra-low maintenance and long product life
    • Green Light Source
    • Dusk to dawn control unit
    • 3 days autonomy
    • Grid-independent and No Bill to pay
    • Low power consumption and long and predictable lifetime
    • Small package size
    • Quick turn on and off
    • LEDs don't contain Mercury and don't emit poisonous gases
  • Solar Lanterns

    Affordable, durable and using solar energy, Umang solar LED lanterns will go a long way in helping rural populace facilitating their day to day activities and improving livelihoods.

    Features & Benefits of Solar Lanterns

    • Charging through solar panel no need of electricity
    • Up to 5 hrs. of backup (in case of 2W)
    • Up to 8 hrs. of backup (in case of 2.5W and 3W)
    • Easy to carry
    • Inbuilt mobile charging point
    • Efficient casing design for maximum light output
    • Long lasting LEDs for increased life
    • Dimmer Option for different levels of lighting
    • Light output equivalent to 10W, 12W and 15W normal Bulb for 2W,2.5W and 3W respectively
  • Solar Pumps

    A solar powered pump operates on Solar Energy and can be more environment friendly and economical in its operation. Solar powered water pumping systems are used to pump water from boreholes, wells, lakes or rivers where electric or diesel power is unavailable or unreliable. Reliability is the corner stone of a Solar Pump system as they are designed to operate without any human interference in the remotest parts. These Pumping systems can run for years without maintenance. Existing AC Powered pumps can also be energized through Solar Energy with modifications. Minda NexGenTech Limited provides tailored/customized solutions to draw the most optimized output from the existing pumps driven on AC power.


    • No Fuel Costs
    • Reliable and long life
    • Low maintenance
    • No human interference
    • Non-polluting



At MNGTL, we offer not just great Career opportunities, but also a chance to contribute towards Society.From reducing the carbon footprint, to raising the standards of living of the underprivileged, everyday the result of our work is reflected in the increase in the ‘Happiness Quotient’ of our customers.

The ‘GreenStars’, as we refer to our employees at MNGTL, are constantly looking for opportunities to bring about a change in the lives they touch.

So, if you’re willing to deploy your passion and experience for social good, join us in our endeavour.

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